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Michigan Prints are now acid free! We realized that our older prints we were selling previously were printed on regular paper are not aging well. Many of the prints shown here on MichiganPrints.com still have the older buttons showing the older price for this older and aging (and less expensive) product. We are now offering prints that can be handed down for generations. The black and white is brilliant and high quality. The color is spectacular!

To order our new acid-free prints, just copy the print name (or type it in, with the print number if possible) into the space below. Some prints are in color and also black and white. If you are looking at a color print, just add the word "color" to the name. No extra charge for color if the scene is shown in color.

Michigan Prints are acid-free! These giclée prints are matted with all acid-free archive-quality materials. Every print includes a legend on the back. Each print also includes a mini catalogue card of related scenes. Click here to see more information about giclée prints.

More information about the products we offer:

Large giclée prints by Maggie LaNoue are limited edition, numbered and hand-signed by the artist. The art measures approximately 12" x 18."
This size print is matted to 18" x 24," shipped flat and ready for you to have framed.
Large matted prints are $400, plus tax and shipping.

Medium giclée print is our most popular size. The art measures approximately 11" x 14". Medium prints are limited-edition, numbered and hand-signed by the artist, and matted to 16" x 20," shipped flat and ready for you to have framed. Medium size prints are $250, plus tax and shipping.

Small giclée print are approximately 8 1/2" x 11" and matted to 11" x 14," ready for you to have framed. The print is hand-signed by the artist.
Small size prints are $120, plus tax and shipping.

Mini giclée print are 3 1/2" x 5." and matted with acid-free materials to 5" x 7," ready for you to have framed. There is a Certificate of Authencity on the back of each print with a legend and information about the artist. The legend is hand initialed by the artist.
Mini Prints make great gifts. They are $35 each plus tax and shipping. Gift wrapping is available.

Note Cards by Maggie LaNoue 5" x 7"
Each note card has a legend on the back of the card.
Note cards are $6 each, plus tax and shipping.

Boxed Note Cards 5" x 7"
Boxes of 5 cards either all the same, or in related sets are $25.
Boxes of 10 note cards, either all the same, or in related sets are $45.
Boxes of 25 note cards, either all the same, or in related sets are $75.
Contact us about boxed notes if they do not appear on the order form.

We offer custom made larger prints of our art in large format 30" or more across.
These are available for most of the designs, please contact us to ask about availability and pricing of a particular scene.
Prices start at $500 for the custom larger scale scenes.
These prints are professionally printed on museum grade watercolor paper and come with a certificate of authenticity. Canvas wraps are also available.

Shipping and Handling fees:
For orders up to $40 - $7
Over $40 - $25

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