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Mackinac Bridge
Blue Morpho Butterfly Full Color Card- #82cgc
This color card by Maggie LaNoue is 5 " x 7 " and vibrant color.
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Every color card by Maggie LaNoue comes with a legend of the subject of the art on the back.

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The legend of the Blue Morpho Butterfly is as follows:

MonarchThe Legend of the Blue Morpho Butterfly:
Often mentioned as the world’s most beautiful butterfly, the Morpho is found in the wild in Central and South America. The bright blue color of the Morpho comes from an iridescent reflection of certain wavelengths of light, not from pigmentation. During flight, the colors of the Morpho change from the bright blue, to the brown, and sometimes become almost invisible. Yet, they can sometimes be seen from a half-mile away. Although the Morpho is not officially endangered, its natural habitat is threatened due to human activities. To help preserve the habitats of the Blue Morpho and other species that are endangered, visit www.Rainforest-Alliance.org which supports the protection of ecosystems in 60 countries.



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