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Mackinac Bridge
The Great Blizzard of '78 Full Color Card- #20cgc
This color card by Maggie LaNoue is 5 " x 7 " and vibrant color.
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Every color card by Maggie LaNoue comes with a legend of the subject of the art on the back.

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Legend of The “Great Blizzard”


The “Great Blizzard of ‘78” was a storm that Albionites will never forget, one that will be a legend through the 21st century. Approximately 28” of snow fell in Albion. National Weather Service accurately predicted the storm, saving many lives. It described it as a “storm of unprecedented magnitude” and categorized it as a rare severe blizzard, the most severe grade of winter storm. A black and white version of this scene was the first greeting card published by Maggie LaNoue and was sold through “the Storyteller” bookstore in downtown Albion.



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