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Aerial View of Albion MIchigan 1993 Overall view
#198O - Aerial View 1993, Overall - Albion, Michigan

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Aerial View of Albion MIchigan 1993 Overall view
Legend of Aerial View 1993, Overall - Albion, Michigan

Aerial view of Albion, 1993 was commissioned by the Albion Recorder, and sponsored by Albion businesses and residents.

There was one version that had participating businesses labeled and was printed full color as an insert to the Recorder. Prints of this view, as shown here without the business names, were sold as a fundraiser for the Citizens to Beautify Albion. In Albionís Sesquicentennial Celebration in 1995, during the Festival of the Forks, this art, and other historical art, was shown in a special art show at the Albion Train Depot, that was undergoing restoration at the time.

This art shows six of Albionís 17 official parks, but not all are labeled or in the exact location as in real life. These parks are represented from left to right: Crowell Park (site of the water tower,) Lloyd Park, next to the river at Cass St., Bournelis Park, at the junction of Superior St. and Cass St., Washington St. Park, at the bottom center of this art next to the river, Rieger Park, at the top center near the pond, and Victory Park, near the Forks of the River.

Several items from this historic view have changed since the art was created, including the removal of the grain elevator, near Stoffer Plaza, and the building of the Ralph and Mary Cram Medical Center, at the same spot, the addition of a new Albion Fire Station, near N. Clinton St. and Michigan Ave., Kentucky Fried Chicken used to be located near the water tower, there was a car dealer located near Stoffer Plaza, where the Farmers Market still is, there were electric company buildings in the parking lot near there, and a new building was put in near Reiger Park.

Learn about Albion, including buildings that have closed, other history, special events, arts and culture, parks, and trails at AlbionMich.net.

Print #198O - Aerial View 1993, Overall - Albion, Michigan

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